Emergency Callout

We've helped over 210+ customers in the last 2 years get their alarms fixed and have peace of mind knowing there's someone to call who cares

  1. We offer a 24-hour emergency alarm service.
  2. We aim to have your issue fixed within 60 minutes
  3. We'll do a full review to see why the problem occurred and what needs to be done to fix the issue long term.
  4. Our aim is not to rip out and replace at the first sign of trouble. Our technical experience over the years gives us the knowledge to repair systems and save you money.
  5. If repairs or new parts are required, we'll discuss with you about our assessment and any additional pricing before we move forward with any work.

Starting from: £55 After 5:30PM £75

We aim to be at your home in less than an hour!

Call: 07491 670828